I just think there's a serious lack of Michael B. Jordan-ness on Tumblr. Hope there are people who agree with me!

Note: I am NOT Michael.

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january 20 2012 - red tails
february 3 2012 - chronicle
february 27 2012 - guest star on house

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Octavia Spencer & 'Chronicle' Star Michael B. Jordan To Star In 'Fruitvale' About Controversial Death Of Oscar Grant

On New Year’s Day in 2009, the 22 year-old Oscar Grant was pulled off a rowdy BART train at the Fruitvale station, and was shot in the back, dying from his wounds, with cellphone footage capturing the entire event. Officer Mehserle was sentenced to two years for the crime, and was released on parole last June. Events bear a general similarity to the Trayvon Martin incident, and now a movie is on the way.

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