I just think there's a serious lack of Michael B. Jordan-ness on Tumblr. Hope there are people who agree with me!

Note: I am NOT Michael.

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january 20 2012 - red tails
february 3 2012 - chronicle
february 27 2012 - guest star on house

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March 16th
8:32 AM


You have 20 tall peaks. 2 fiends come up to you and ask for two each (16), another one cops 3 (13)body hands you off 10 (23) more but a white guy rolls up and pays for 8 (15).
“The count be wrong they fuck u up”.
February 8th
7:14 AM


Michael B. Jordan: Screenslam Interview

The Friday Night Lights-Red Tails-Chronicle actor discusses what happens in auditions, why he loves to act, who keeps him grounded, as well as future roles and projects. 

February 6th
11:16 AM

MBJ on Attack of the Show

February 4th
6:19 AM


Chronicle Interview

(Source: apexpdredator)

February 2nd
1:03 PM

MBJ just chilling and talking about gaming and anime

January 30th
11:14 AM

Chronicle Cast Interview

January 9th
8:14 AM
October 19th
3:36 PM

Trailer for Chronicle (in theatres Feb 2012)

6:52 AM

Another interview from NYCC